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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The causes of Hailstorm

    Everything happens with a reason whether it happens naturally or on purpose. It is the same as hailstorm where there is some reasons why it occurs even though it is a natural disaster.

     Hail consists of large ice particles that have a layered structure and it caused by intense thunderstorms that form in a very unstable air mass which is the one that was relatively cool dry air overlying very warm and humid air. The unstable air produces large updraft speeds that are fast enough to keep a developing of hailstone from falling to the ground. Some of these updrafts can collect rain water on them and forming a water shell that slowly freezes.
How it forms?
      There are three development in hail formation which are the first is grauple where it is a soft hail with a snowflake-like structure that bounces off of hard surfaces and it is also called as snow pellets. Then, it turns to small hail where it has higher density than grauple. it is usually semi-transparent and rounded and the diameter typically up to 1/5 inch.  After that, it will turn to hailstones which is the last formation where it is a round stones of ice and the layers are formed while the hail is rising and falling in the updrafts.

The hailstone becomes bigger when its falling
       In a nutshell, natural disaster also occurs with a reason and hopefully this information will increase the Readers knowledge. 


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