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Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Effect of Hailstorm

Hailstorm can lead to frustration
      There is always an effect of everything that we do in this world and it happens sooner or later. Hailstorm might be a small natural disaster for some people but it can give effect as huge as other natural disaster and it affects on human safety, housing, vehicles and crops.

      In every natural disaster, human safety is the most valuable thing and should be protected first. Hailstorm can affect human safety as the solid ice that hurtles out of the sky can hit man's head. The largest hailstones is recorded as heavy as half a kilogram and it is dangerous for someone that is hit by this large hailstone. Besides, even the small hailstones can give unpleasant feeling for those that have been hit on the head.

Unpleasant feeling after being hit by hail stones
     Other than that, hailstorm can cause damage on housing as the hailstone can hit the roof, wall and even the pipe around the house. The force of the hail causing dents in metal roofing and these dents can wear out metal's coating that expose the roof to severe damage. In addition, hailstones also can cause leaking around the house if it hits the main pipe and it is frustrated as the damage on pipe is hard in recognition. 

People can claim their property lost
      Furthermore, vehicles can be affected by hailstorm if it is left out and cars can sustain many dents as the roof. In Sydney, Australia in 1999, many vehicles were needed to be sold at major discounts due to the damage that the cars got from hailstorm and it shows that it is a fatal to leave cars outside without any protection when hailstorm occurs.

      Moreover, crops are the most vulnerable in hailstorm damage and it is a painful feeling for farmers to see their crops that have been taken a good care for months and years have been damaged by a short storm.

Crop damage from Hailstorm
Hailstorm damage at Colorado, USA
      In conclusion, people should really aware of hailstorm to avoid from facing a huge damage on their safety and property and important precautions should be taken immediately by them.



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