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Saturday, 16 March 2013

News of Hailstorm

     Hailstorm has hit many countries including Malaysia, however, we should thank to Allah that our country has not being hit by severe hailstorm as most other countries. There are some hailstorm incidents that damaged almost 500 million to some states of some countries which are at Oklahoma, United States of America (USA), Melbourne, Australia and Andhra Pradesh, India.

     On 16 May 2010, Oklahoma, USA was hit by a severe hailstorm on Sunday afternoon and the hail stones were believed to be as large as softballs. The pictures and videos of the hailstorm that hit the south central USA city were uploaded to social networking and YouTube. The estimated wind gusts were 60 mph during the storm and struck just one day after a tornado hit other state of Oklahoma. The damage that had been recorded is around $1 billion and five people were killed. 

Hailstorm recorded by residents

Car damage from the natural disaster

Resident who was injured in the storm
       Next, Melbourne, Australia was hit by a severe hailstorm on 5 March 2010 and the hail brought traffic congestion where some residents reporting hail stones as big as 5cm. The storm was happened it the afternoon and result in 26 millimeters of rain in Melbourne for less than an hour. The rain and hailstorm had caused Melbourne being blankets like snow and the estimated damage was reported over $500 million.

The hail stones are nowhere
       Last but not least, on 30 January 2013, villages of southern India which are Andhra Pradesh, India were hit by a hailstorm which the hail stones are the same size as boulders. This natural disaster has killed nine people and it is believed that it is because most residents there were not exposed or experienced this kind of natural disaster. The hailstorm lasted for 20 minutes and destroyed crops, houses and live stock. 

People cleaning the boulders on the street
       In conclusion, it is important to be aware of this natural disaster as it can lead to death and financial implications as the damage is worst than what people have thought. 



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