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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What is Hailstorm?

     Natural disaster is not a big surprise as it has been in people worry for a long time even in this new era globalization. People are aware of earthquake, tsunami and hurricane but not all people aware and familiar with hailstorm. In Malaysia, it might be a small issue and cannot be classified as a natural disaster but in most other countries it is one of natural disaster they fear the most. What is hailstorm?

Tons of Hail stones
      Hailstorm is defined as a side effect of bigger storm which is a thunderstorm that produces hailstone and it consists mostly of water ice.  Hailstone sizes is determined by measuring the diameter by using a ruler, however, most reporters prefer to determine the size by comparing with an object from the smallest pea size until the biggest bowling ball size.

Baseball size of hailstone
     Hailstorm is rarely lasted more than fifteen minutes and the median of duration for hailstorm is six minutes. Nevertheless, the short duration of the storm is more than enough to destroy an area and hailstorm hits mountainous regions more often than the lower temperature regions and it hits most during spring.

       In history, hailstorm was first being discovered was in 1942 in Roopkund, India and it killed about 200 travelers at that time and it is found out by National Geographic team where they examine the bone that they found. The largest hail stones ever recorded was in Aurora, Nebraska in 2003 where the diameter was 7 inches which is a little smaller than a bowling ball and the heaviest hail stone is recorded in Coffeeville, Kansas in 1970 where it weighed some 0.76 kg. Then, the longest hailstorm ever recorded is lasted for two hours and fifteen minutes in Amarillo, Texas on 16 June 1969.

Largest hail stone ever recorded
     Based on the information given, people should be aware of this natural disaster as this infamous storm does not mean it cannot cause severe damage.



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