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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tips in facing Hailstrom

Preparation is important for agriculture to prevent farmers from having many losses.
      Based on the causes and effects that have been explained in the earlier entries, it is important for Readers to feel aware of this natural disaster and start to look for the precautions. There are three stages of precautions of hailstorm which are before the hailstorm occurs, during the hailstorm and after it finishes.

      First, people should always be a careful one as this will benefit them in the future, then it is important to learn and determine the weather conditions that can lead to hailstorm. People need to get the latest whether condition by watching television or other mass media especially during the season of hailstorm. After it is predictable that hailstorm might occur then people should be prepared by saving valuable things that can be harmed by hailstorm such as pull the cars to a safety parking lot with other substantial covering.

One of the example of substantial covering for cars
      Second, the period during the hailstorm occurs is the most important part to take precautions as it might lead to people death. If people are in their vehicles during the hailstorm’s hit they should not get out until it stops hailing and if at that time they are driving then they should find a garage as soon as possible. Other than that, if people cannot find any safe parking and other shelters then they should pull off to the side of road and keep their head and face away from the windows. Besides, if they are in their own house they should not go out to protect their property unless the hail is stopped.

Experiment is held on the toughness of the roof

      Third, the last precautions that need to be taken are after the storm where people should assess the damage by checking any broken or cracked glass at the cars. If there is broken glass then people should remove the glass to prevent anyone get injured when driving it the car. Other than that, people can claim their loss from any insurance company that they have registered to prevent them from bearing too many losses.  

Alternative in detecting hailstorm
      In conclusion, hailstorm is one of the natural disaster that cause severe damage in short time and people can actually prevent from getting too many damages by following all the precautions listed. Besides, in this new era globalisation where technologies are all around, people can get easy protection for their property. 


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