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Monday, 8 April 2013

Let's the story begins...

I am Iliana Putri bt Azhar from DEC 5A and I have been assigned to create an educational blog and the topic that I choose is Hailstorm. This blog will cover about:
  • What is Hailstrom?
  • The causes of Hailstorm
  • The effects of Hailstrom
  • Tips in facing Hailstorm
  • News of Hailstorm
       The objective of this blog  is to build awareness among people about the cause, effect, precaution, news and information of this storm as it is infamous that makes people less concern about it. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy my blog and do follow me.
The beautiful view of hailstorm

Saturday, 16 March 2013






News of Hailstorm

     Hailstorm has hit many countries including Malaysia, however, we should thank to Allah that our country has not being hit by severe hailstorm as most other countries. There are some hailstorm incidents that damaged almost 500 million to some states of some countries which are at Oklahoma, United States of America (USA), Melbourne, Australia and Andhra Pradesh, India.

     On 16 May 2010, Oklahoma, USA was hit by a severe hailstorm on Sunday afternoon and the hail stones were believed to be as large as softballs. The pictures and videos of the hailstorm that hit the south central USA city were uploaded to social networking and YouTube. The estimated wind gusts were 60 mph during the storm and struck just one day after a tornado hit other state of Oklahoma. The damage that had been recorded is around $1 billion and five people were killed. 

Hailstorm recorded by residents

Car damage from the natural disaster

Resident who was injured in the storm
       Next, Melbourne, Australia was hit by a severe hailstorm on 5 March 2010 and the hail brought traffic congestion where some residents reporting hail stones as big as 5cm. The storm was happened it the afternoon and result in 26 millimeters of rain in Melbourne for less than an hour. The rain and hailstorm had caused Melbourne being blankets like snow and the estimated damage was reported over $500 million.

The hail stones are nowhere
       Last but not least, on 30 January 2013, villages of southern India which are Andhra Pradesh, India were hit by a hailstorm which the hail stones are the same size as boulders. This natural disaster has killed nine people and it is believed that it is because most residents there were not exposed or experienced this kind of natural disaster. The hailstorm lasted for 20 minutes and destroyed crops, houses and live stock. 

People cleaning the boulders on the street
       In conclusion, it is important to be aware of this natural disaster as it can lead to death and financial implications as the damage is worst than what people have thought. 


Tips in facing Hailstrom

Preparation is important for agriculture to prevent farmers from having many losses.
      Based on the causes and effects that have been explained in the earlier entries, it is important for Readers to feel aware of this natural disaster and start to look for the precautions. There are three stages of precautions of hailstorm which are before the hailstorm occurs, during the hailstorm and after it finishes.

      First, people should always be a careful one as this will benefit them in the future, then it is important to learn and determine the weather conditions that can lead to hailstorm. People need to get the latest whether condition by watching television or other mass media especially during the season of hailstorm. After it is predictable that hailstorm might occur then people should be prepared by saving valuable things that can be harmed by hailstorm such as pull the cars to a safety parking lot with other substantial covering.

One of the example of substantial covering for cars
      Second, the period during the hailstorm occurs is the most important part to take precautions as it might lead to people death. If people are in their vehicles during the hailstorm’s hit they should not get out until it stops hailing and if at that time they are driving then they should find a garage as soon as possible. Other than that, if people cannot find any safe parking and other shelters then they should pull off to the side of road and keep their head and face away from the windows. Besides, if they are in their own house they should not go out to protect their property unless the hail is stopped.

Experiment is held on the toughness of the roof

      Third, the last precautions that need to be taken are after the storm where people should assess the damage by checking any broken or cracked glass at the cars. If there is broken glass then people should remove the glass to prevent anyone get injured when driving it the car. Other than that, people can claim their loss from any insurance company that they have registered to prevent them from bearing too many losses.  

Alternative in detecting hailstorm
      In conclusion, hailstorm is one of the natural disaster that cause severe damage in short time and people can actually prevent from getting too many damages by following all the precautions listed. Besides, in this new era globalisation where technologies are all around, people can get easy protection for their property. 

The Effect of Hailstorm

Hailstorm can lead to frustration
      There is always an effect of everything that we do in this world and it happens sooner or later. Hailstorm might be a small natural disaster for some people but it can give effect as huge as other natural disaster and it affects on human safety, housing, vehicles and crops.

      In every natural disaster, human safety is the most valuable thing and should be protected first. Hailstorm can affect human safety as the solid ice that hurtles out of the sky can hit man's head. The largest hailstones is recorded as heavy as half a kilogram and it is dangerous for someone that is hit by this large hailstone. Besides, even the small hailstones can give unpleasant feeling for those that have been hit on the head.

Unpleasant feeling after being hit by hail stones
     Other than that, hailstorm can cause damage on housing as the hailstone can hit the roof, wall and even the pipe around the house. The force of the hail causing dents in metal roofing and these dents can wear out metal's coating that expose the roof to severe damage. In addition, hailstones also can cause leaking around the house if it hits the main pipe and it is frustrated as the damage on pipe is hard in recognition. 

People can claim their property lost
      Furthermore, vehicles can be affected by hailstorm if it is left out and cars can sustain many dents as the roof. In Sydney, Australia in 1999, many vehicles were needed to be sold at major discounts due to the damage that the cars got from hailstorm and it shows that it is a fatal to leave cars outside without any protection when hailstorm occurs.

      Moreover, crops are the most vulnerable in hailstorm damage and it is a painful feeling for farmers to see their crops that have been taken a good care for months and years have been damaged by a short storm.

Crop damage from Hailstorm
Hailstorm damage at Colorado, USA
      In conclusion, people should really aware of hailstorm to avoid from facing a huge damage on their safety and property and important precautions should be taken immediately by them.


The causes of Hailstorm

    Everything happens with a reason whether it happens naturally or on purpose. It is the same as hailstorm where there is some reasons why it occurs even though it is a natural disaster.

     Hail consists of large ice particles that have a layered structure and it caused by intense thunderstorms that form in a very unstable air mass which is the one that was relatively cool dry air overlying very warm and humid air. The unstable air produces large updraft speeds that are fast enough to keep a developing of hailstone from falling to the ground. Some of these updrafts can collect rain water on them and forming a water shell that slowly freezes.
How it forms?
      There are three development in hail formation which are the first is grauple where it is a soft hail with a snowflake-like structure that bounces off of hard surfaces and it is also called as snow pellets. Then, it turns to small hail where it has higher density than grauple. it is usually semi-transparent and rounded and the diameter typically up to 1/5 inch.  After that, it will turn to hailstones which is the last formation where it is a round stones of ice and the layers are formed while the hail is rising and falling in the updrafts.

The hailstone becomes bigger when its falling
       In a nutshell, natural disaster also occurs with a reason and hopefully this information will increase the Readers knowledge. 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What is Hailstorm?

     Natural disaster is not a big surprise as it has been in people worry for a long time even in this new era globalization. People are aware of earthquake, tsunami and hurricane but not all people aware and familiar with hailstorm. In Malaysia, it might be a small issue and cannot be classified as a natural disaster but in most other countries it is one of natural disaster they fear the most. What is hailstorm?

Tons of Hail stones
      Hailstorm is defined as a side effect of bigger storm which is a thunderstorm that produces hailstone and it consists mostly of water ice.  Hailstone sizes is determined by measuring the diameter by using a ruler, however, most reporters prefer to determine the size by comparing with an object from the smallest pea size until the biggest bowling ball size.

Baseball size of hailstone
     Hailstorm is rarely lasted more than fifteen minutes and the median of duration for hailstorm is six minutes. Nevertheless, the short duration of the storm is more than enough to destroy an area and hailstorm hits mountainous regions more often than the lower temperature regions and it hits most during spring.

       In history, hailstorm was first being discovered was in 1942 in Roopkund, India and it killed about 200 travelers at that time and it is found out by National Geographic team where they examine the bone that they found. The largest hail stones ever recorded was in Aurora, Nebraska in 2003 where the diameter was 7 inches which is a little smaller than a bowling ball and the heaviest hail stone is recorded in Coffeeville, Kansas in 1970 where it weighed some 0.76 kg. Then, the longest hailstorm ever recorded is lasted for two hours and fifteen minutes in Amarillo, Texas on 16 June 1969.

Largest hail stone ever recorded
     Based on the information given, people should be aware of this natural disaster as this infamous storm does not mean it cannot cause severe damage.


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